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Public Liability Insurance
ABCCastlesandsoftplay Hire is fully insured in order to take the stress away from your hire/event.

Hiring a Jumping Castle can be risky without Public Liability Insurance. Abccastlesandsoftplay Hire we place your safety at absolute importance. We ensure to ALWAYS provide a safe Jumping Castle Hire experience. As part of Abccastlesandsoftplay Hire your family  will be protected under our Public Liability Insurance.


Ensure if the worst was to happen your family & guests, would be protected. While we understand if you choose to hire from another business make certain your children are protected. Unfortunately, peace of mind can come at a price. While we may not be the cheapest hire company, we do not skimp on safety. Public Liability Insurance for Inflatable hire's have some of the highest premiums of any business. However, at abccastlesandsoftplay we know it's worth every cent. If  a castle hire looks very cheap, then be very careful, just saying ,


When it comes time, hire a Jumping Castle business with Public Liability Insurance.

abccastlesandsoftplayhire Public Liability Insurance.

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